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Togas, Timelords and Trouble // idlegossipandarchaeology


It had all seemed so perfect so perfect. Travel to Greece 2030, investigate some strange rumors of moving statues and disappearences, be back on the Tardis in time for tea and jammy dodgers. What could go wrong?

Of course he should have remembered that:

A. Nothing was ever perfect when he was around.

B (or 2)  Moving statues and strange disappearences simply screamed of Weeping Angels.

And 3 (or C). He seriously needed better back up plans other than running and pointing the sonic.

Running usually helped, but not this time. One moment he’d been in Athens in the year 2030 and everything had been hunky dory (lovely word hunky dory) and the next he was surronded by people in chitons and togas. An pleasent but horrible smells, as well as buildings that looked a great deal newer and intact.

Not Greece then. Ancient Greece. Lovely.

And he didn’t have the Tardis either. Wonderful. No matter he could just…he could just..The timelord suddenly say down on the ground, his back to the wall. Which was where he found himself still, twenty minutes later. He had his sonic, various items in his pockets that were usless and the physic paper. Nothing that could help him return to the tardis. What he wouldn’t do for another Sally Sparrow.


He pulled himself to his feet and paced the small alley for another thirty-five minutes and 23 seconds before coming up with a brilliant, but most likely to fail, plan. He’d have to bring the Tardis to him and there was only one person who could. 


She’d be mad but she’d get over it. Where she got off tell him what he could and couldn’t do involving the past he didn’t know. He was a time lord for Rassilon’s sake. She …she had a time head. Yes that worked. 

Hundreds and hundreds of years later, there would be an extra piece of graffiti to this, still new, wall. One that would stand out to only one person. The words Hello Sweetie - Theta and a list of coordinates, in ancient greek. 

River tapped her heel on the floor impatiently, shooting a glance at the red curtain for umpteenth time in the hope that it had budged just the slightest. There was no doubt what lay behind it of course, not when the monolith of a banner beside it proudly declared, “Elgin marbles, Returned to Greece” Ah the Museum of Athens, finally serving some useful purpose. Of course, it wasn’t going to last long, not when a notorious thief archaeologist was in the precinct, about to butter up the curator in an effort to gain private access to the marbles. 

She’d have them whisked off to a black market dealer in the 52nd century before anyone could even bat an eyelid, it was just a matter of finding the stout looking fool who’d procured it to begin with. 

Teal eyes scanned the crowd like a hawk, zeroing in not on one of the many faces, rather the remains of a wall behind them. The ugly looking cracks that came with age cut through a large chunk of the graffiti, obscuring most from view. But it were not the declarations of greatness and that one rather vulgar drawing that caught her eye. No, the piece of writing that most interested River Song looked very familiar. 

It took her less than a second to realise that this very special addition was reserved for her, another for the anger to set in. Not as one might expect, at the tampering of a precious artefact by a time traveller. Rather because he’d stolen her line in the process of all of that. She gave no thought to just why he were calling her. 

River was positively livid as she reached for her vortex manipulator, casting the curtain one last longing look as if to say, “I’ll be back for you later” before she dropped her gaze to the device and began typing coordinates.The Museum walls disappeared in a flash. 

                                        “Hello Sweetie”

She spoke the words at the precise moment the smoke cleared and her eyes landed upon the Doctor, drawing herself up to the full height as she regarded him, “Well you certainly know how to attract a girls attention.You know, it’s curious but that sort of method looked vaguely familiar.” The smirk was evident as she paused, looking him up and down,  ”What on earth is going on?” 

hiddentrickster whispered: "Have you seen my son???" Loki asked, desperately and frantically searching. Another young girl in his arms pointed (as her father wasn't looking) to the boy her age hiding behind people.

"No, but I dare say she has.” 

She nodded at the girl once, offering the brief flicker of a smile. Children were somewhat a mystery to River, preferring to think of them similar as smaller versions of adults. 


doublethemystery whispered: "You'll never feel alone with me by your side."



”- Remind me why I care Clara?”

She clicked her fingers, waiting to be handed her dress by another one of her pets.


"… B-because I’m yours?"
She’s trying to not look at the other pets, keeping her gaze on something else. Honestly, she wished she didn’t come back today. Everything else was better until she came home.


"Yes" Her reply is devoid of warmth, cold and calculating as she admires herself in the mirror. Completely fixated on her image and not on the other woman. "You are. what of it?” 




She couldn’t help a smile at that. The woman was clever. But even with the vague nature of her answer (which was, actually, in the form of several questions), she was becoming convinced that the woman knew more about Time Lords than she was letting on. Perhaps she didn’t have much to go on to reach that conclusion, but it was unavoidable in her mind nonetheless.

"Perhaps. It all depends on if you’re the one doing the travelling or the one being visited by the time traveller. Of course, that becomes all the more complicated if both parties are thus employed."

She had noticed the way she was trying to catch a glimpse of her notes earlier, and she dug around inside the box to pull out one of the less important ones. “I’m not sure what you’re hoping to see in this box. It’s not very exciting.” She handed over a photocopy of a page from the Boston Directory of 1789, with the name Cooper Rachel, innholder circled. Along the edge of the page was the notation, in Gallifreyan, M’s last known contact, and then a series of space-time coordinates that would take her to the date and place she wished to meet with said Rachel Cooper. “But here, have a peek.”

She laughed at that, the mirth being nothing short of genuine albeit a tad bitter. “Oh, you have no idea just how complicated that can be.”

Imposter or not, River found that she rather liked the other woman. Much more so when she were handed the photocopy. Brow arched the Archaeologist quickly skimmed over the notes, a touch of amusement in her voice as she went on. “I take it you’re not the woman in question. Otherwise, allow me to congratulate you, quite attractive for someone just passed the 200 year mark.” A dry chuckle accompanied those words as she handed the page back, eye still travelling across the page as if trying to ascertain some hidden meaning. “Which method of time travel were you thinking of opting for?” 



Boardwalk Empire trailer - check it out! And FYI, Anjelica Huston’s nephew, Jack Huston, is in the series as easily one of my all-time fave characters. He’s so adorable, but also a bamf ehehe >:D


6 Similarities between Mun & Muse.


  • we’re both loyal to those we care about. 
  • we both love to travel! 
  • we both know what’s like to adore a compulsive liar.
  • we’re both smart. In our own way. I think. well. I know she is. 
  • both of us have a flair for the dramatic.

6 Differences between Mun & Muse.


  •  One of us is restricted to this planet, and this time period. XD
  •  She’s 123245578 times more violent. 
  •  I don’t have my degree as yet. She’s well, a Professor
  •  She’s unhappily married. I’m happily single. 
  •  I love animals. animals are cute. She loathes them (headcanon)
  • She’s been in jail for murder. I haven’t even got a fine to my name.  

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idlegossipandarchaeology whispered: "I want to taste your blood on my lips"


      “—that, I can provide.”

    She grinned,
                   nipping sharply at his bottom lip before pulling away. 

                                                      “—I thought you’d see it my way.”


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