Sanguinem II Dark!Verse II Doublethemystery & The-Man-Above




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T-Bar Leather Evening Sandals, ca. 1925-35

Palter DeLiso for David Jones Limited

via Powerhouse Museum



"Six months ago- Peru."

[She doesn’t miss a beat in her reply, glancing back at River with a little grin. 

         Tossing the DVD onto the coffee table, she then turns into the kitchen to put the kettle on and make some popcorn.] 

"When’d you last see me?" 


[River raises a brow,
regarding her curiously.]

"I look forward to it." 

[She takes a seat on the sofa,
crossing her legs for the
   time being as she
reaches for the DVD] 

"Two weeks ago. Family dinner."

[More like family disaster.
She wonders if Brooke has met Andrew as yet.
Too late to change that?] 

On the Rocks II Colonial Sydney AU II Notyetthevaleyard



   John said nothing. Her nattering was irritating him, but he was quiet about it. He’d had absolutely no thoughts of helping the woman. That wasn’t his prerogative. He may release her once he was done, back out into the street, but it would depend if she pleased him enough or not.

   His makeshift surgery was up the stairs and to the left, a dark sort of room with an examining table, a desk and some chairs. It was about as comfortable as one would expect a gaol doctor’s office to be. She was lucky – most gaols didn’t have a resident, not in this part of the city. He only worked in that position because the women were so, so easy to take advantage of.

   The heavy door was shut behind him, and he released her arm, pushing her towards the examining table. Shedding his frock coat and hanging it up on the coat stand, his hand went to his cravat around his neck.

      “Get undressed and get on the table.” He told her. There was no friendliness or warmth to his voice, no hint that he saw her as anything but vermin. He had no patience, ignored the statements she had asked in the hall and barely seemed to recognise that she was more than a slab of meat.


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     Things might never be quite in order,
     Back to front lives and a mess of disorder.
     But through the chaos and trying times,
     I’ll run you with you until the stars align. 

      Supernovas exploding in the dark,
      Could never compare to the furious beat of my hearts.
      When I lay eyes on you, 
      my wibbly get’s wobbly.

     High heels and space my hair,
     This face’s one and only wife. 
     You’re the one who has my everything,
     and I’ll give mine in return.

      I’ll keep you safe from the shadows,
      bring you back to the light,
      let you eat my last Jammie Dodger,
      scream my name into the night. 

     All of space and time,
     Always and completely.
     I’ll be your idiot in a bow-tie.
     I’m rubbish at poems. 

Love, The Doctor.


A Tale of Two Witches II Hogwarts AU II All-She-Had



"That’s a really dumb rule," Brooke huffed, scrambling up onto a barstool and put her chin in her hands, watching sullenly as River used magic to her heart’s content. "The Ministry’s a dumb organization. Kids ought to be able to use magic. What if we need it? What if something happens and we need to use magic but no-o, the Ministry made a rule that said that kids aren’t supposed to?” 

She was a little aware that she was whining. But Brooke was an only child raised in a rather privileged household with a father who doted and a mother who didn’t scold with as much seriousness as she probably should. Brooke was precocious. And though she was well aware that her argument held very little water, she enjoyed whining about it for the sake of argument.

"Please teach me magic?" she asked, her voice all at once losing the whinging tone and her face brightening. "Just a little? A little can’t hurt very much, can it?" 

She shot her daughter a sympathetic look in response, leaning over to press a kiss to her hair before turning away again. Was she aware that she all but spoilt her child rotten? Not in the slightest. Brooke was intelligent and intelligence in River’s opinion should be nurtured and never disregarded. If one were to nurture ignorance instead well, John was the prime example of that.  

There were other reasons of course, things River would never admit to no matter how many times she were questioned. But locked away beneath the surface the answer always remained. That her own control of magic had been hard earned and not without hiccups here and there. She didn’t want her daughter to undergo the same trials.

"Just a little," River agreed hesitatingly after a moment, crossing her arms with a final wave of the wand and observing as the tea began to make itself for them. "And I dare say you’re right, but try telling that to idiots at the ministry." She gave an indignant sniff, holding out one hand as one of the teacups floated towards her, balancing itself perfectly in the middle of her open palm.  



do you ever have a notp that you antiship so hard that you actually get nauseous when people mention it

Silence is a virtue II Nevercruel-or-cowardly

The sky was a dreary gray, clouds swirling over her head like great plumes of smoke. That should have been a warning of things to come. River thought nothing of it however as she strode towards the doors, wrapping her gossamer shawl tighter around her shoulders as if the thins material could offer some warmth.

The TARDIS had landed in the middle of what was supposed to be the festival of dreams and she had fully expected to be met with bright colours and lights strung up along the town square of this small planet. There’d be mandatory singing and dancing of course,both of which left her apprehensive considering she had her doubts that the Doctor was skilled in either. All in all, River had expected a day of fun.

Instead, she were met with silence. (though thankfully not of the ugly, forgetful kind.) The town square was near empty and those that were present all wore the same shapeless black garments. Frowning at the lack of activity, River turned back through the open doors, “Doctor? Are you sure this is the right day?” She paused before adding in an undertone, "Or the right planet." 



(I have a need for some RiverxTwelve today.)

"River! Where have you been hiding?"

"Oh, you know me Sweetie, trouble to cause, empires to bring down."  River looked over the man in front of her.  "New face, Sweetie?  Very…mature."  River arched a perfect brow.

"Well, someone thought my last face looked like a twelve year old so…"  The Doctor flashed his wife a quick grin.  "What do you think?"

"Hmmm…looks like a face that might be as good at causing trouble as I am."

"Maybe we should test that out then."  The Doctor offered River his arm.

"If you insist, dear."  River grinned, looping her arm through her husband’s.