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Monster from Childhood || idlegossipandarchaeology


"… But then how do those who truly reside under the beds live with that species?" it murmured,looking up at the bed frame, speaking only to itself.

It closes its eyes, that smile tugging on its face again as the woman speaks once more. Yes, one of them is a spirit that sleeps under the bed. There is no Clara here, after all. Perhaps that was the name of a girl it once lived under the bed of. But after such a long, long life, it couldn’t remember most of the children.

The laugh returns, echoing under the bed.

                                                "Do you believe in the monster under your bed?"

As it asked its question, the creature turned to face River, waiting for an answer it might never receive.


“What on Earth are you talking about dear?” She laughed, thoroughly confused as she met the creatures gaze, reaching out to trace it’s jawline or rather, Clara’s with the barest tips of her fingers.

“No, it’s just a story. Designed to scare children and the like.” A soft smile graced her features at the thought of her second childhood. Sleepovers at Amy’s house that nearly always ended in them investigating for monsters, pretending the Doctor had been taken hostage and it was their mission to save him. The creature under the bed was always the final battle and only the bravest dared to go there. She forgot of course, or rather, made herself forget, that another little girl had once clambered under the bed to find refuge in the arms of a monster. So long ago now.

            “Just a myth, that’s all.”

idlegossipandarchaeology whispered: "None of it matters now. "




She was wiping furiously at her eyes, trying to rid her cheeks of the tears that just wouldn’t stop falling. “Of course it matters! I killed him, right in my dorm room. I told him I didn’t like the dark- I told him and- He turned the lights off anyway and I was scared and- What am I supposed to do now? There’s a dead man laying on my floor!”

“And why shouldn’t we? I only saved his life! He owes me!” She was huffing now, eyes narrowing angrily at the other. Granted that it was more like she was the one who owed the Doctor for helping her break free from the Silence, but that was just a minor detail.

“Shut up! He isn’t just another bloke- I- ” Loved him. It was what she wanted to say, but maybe it wasn’t true. River didn’t know what it was to be loved, not really. But Luke would buy her Chinese take-aways and help her study and the sex was alright, plus he was the only other person in the whole of the university she got along with…. and then she just had to go and kill him. “I can take care of this on my own. If you’re going to just stand there mocking someone I cared about then you can just get out. I don’t need you. Or your help.” Her words turned cold as she crossed her arms over her chest, stepping in-between her double and her dead lover, just in case she decided to try anything else.

“Go on. Get out!”

For a brief moment she forgot that this version was so young. Hadn’t seen and done all that she had. Hadn’t been to Utah twice or spent her life in a jail cell. Certainly, she hadn’t stood in a graveyard and coaxed her mother towards a point of no return, watching The Doctor break afterwards. “That man owes you nothing.” River glanced up at her younger self, eyes blazing with quiet ferocity as she strode past her.

“That’s exactly it, you cared about Luke, you didn’t love him.If you can’t work that out then you definitely need me here, besides, you’ve no idea how to dispose of a body, do you?”

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Jean Paul Gaultier




    “You go first, then.
    If we die, you’re dying first.”

    “If anyone is going to die first,
    it’ll be the one still stuck on
    the ledge when that creature
    comes by.”

                “—But, if you insist.”