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In light of the 50 Shades of Grey trailer coming out today, quick reminder that that book is about an abusive and controlling relationship, not BDSM.

Fanfiction (published or not) is important for women of all ages to explore gender roles and sexuality in a way that is less stigmatized and more accessible. 

But do not do the BDSM community a disservice by calling the relationship described in the book a BDSM experience. 

Crescendo in Fifth // Victorian AU // Idlegossipandarchaeology


It was like all of the breath was stolen right from his lungs. The Doctor looked up at her, surprised to find that he was still breathing and that it was timed perfectly with hers. In, out, exhale- and he could hear his heart hammering in his chest. 

The moment she began to move he almost flinched- expecting a repercussion- a string of swears, a slap, or at the very least a scolding or simply River getting up and turning away. He expected her to leave him alone with the firelight and the tang hanging in the air. But she didn’t. She closed the space between them and laced them together further. 

He allowed a second to breathe, but then, slowly- with the utmost care he guided her head to rest on his shoulder and his thumb rubbed over her knuckles. 

The clock ticked on the wall, telling them all the minutes they were supposedly waisting. There was a spell on that room- a magic that the Doctor would never be able to name. It permeated the walls and the fire and the negative space between their bodies and inhabited the very depths of the piano. Perhaps it was the piano itself- perhaps, he fancied it had a soul, though he knew such things to be a child’s fantasy.

His voice came of it’s own accord. He didn’t tell it to speak or give it words. But it was better that way. Then, then the spell wasn’t broken.

"I-" he began quietly, "-I could teach you to play, if you like." 

It was curious, how one could possibly find such serenity tucked away underneath the bustling chaos that was Whitechapel. Shielded from the cold draught of the cold English night’s and the dreary smog that littered the air in the day, this was bliss.

She shivered as he guided her head, though she were flooded by nothing but warmth at his touch. River could hear nothing save for the shallowness of breath. Not the ticking of the clock nor the crackling of the fireplace. Neither held sway over her anymore.

If she shifted a little closer, pulled their hands up to hover over the minuscule space between them, she gave no indication of doing so with purpose. Rather, it was an instinct to be close to him that drove her actions.

Instinct still that left her quite breathless at his words, eyes fluttering closed as she murmured a quiet, “I can think of no better teacher.” River’s lips curled at the corners as she finished, glancing at the piano as if it contained the most precious secrets in the world.


[He nuzzles her nose, smiling.]

"What about Jaime, if it’s a boy?" 

[He’s full of names- so full of names associated to wonderful people he can remember and ask him about any of them- and he’ll have a reason why he should name their child that.]


[She’s familiar enough with his personal history to know why he’s picked that name.That doesn’t mean she’ll agree.]

“It’s awfully common my love. ”

[Her family have a history of meaningful names after all.]

“─and don’t even think about Alistair either. I’ve had the pleasure of running into UNIT on more then one occasion you know.”

[That one is not common enough.]

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Clara lowered her gaze, doing to her best to hide the hurt in her eyes. “B-but… I… I love you, River.”


    “─that’s what made it so devastatingly easy.”

She’d had her revenge, hurt the Doctor as best she could. But it hadn’t filled that hollowness. It was a void, consuming everything in its path.

Tutting now, she went on, “Clara Oswald. So desperate to be loved in return. How pathetic.”

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I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.
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Aftermath II Whole-Armies-Turn-and-Run


     “What is it?” He said quietly, reaching one hand up to trail his fingers along the screen, giving the one she had taken a gentle squeeze before moving to thread his fingers with hers. “It’s a baby.” The words came out a near whisper before he finally tore his eyes from the monitor to turn his head and look at her. “I don’t think the Tardis would make this sort of mistake River.” Unreliable as the ship may have been in the past, what with taking him to the wrong places, there was no doubt in his mind now about the validity of that one little word.

     “You’re pregnant.” The statement was accompanied by a soft smile, eyes glancing back over to the monitor just to make sure the screen hadn’t changed. It hadn’t.  He was waiting for a reaction from her, anything at all to give him some hint at how this was going to play out. Being a father was something he thought was long passed for him, a part of his life that had been destroyed with the last of the Time Lords. But only because it was impossible, he was the last of his kind. But of course the universe saw it fit to play one more joke on the Time Lord. It wasn’t impossible. He could have his own family again, and he could have it with River.

     “You remember rule seven right?” He asked the question gently giving her hand another squeeze as he looked at her, eyes still searching her face, thumb brushing over hers. “What do you think then? About this? Do you want this? You and me and- a baby.”

    Never run when you’re scared. Rule Seven. River paused, contemplating those words. Was she considering running because it was the best option for all of them? Or because she was scared? The question hung in the air, unanswered and it was all she could do to tighten her grip on his hand. She wanted this.

    ─But did he? Experience told her that he didn’t. This was a man who constantly traveled after all, never stayed in the same place and from what she knew, tired of things easily. Oh she knew he was a good man. But she also knew how well he could feign a smile, set his jaw and simply pretend. No matter. She could do the same.

    “Doctor, I-” River paused, offering him a small, reassuring smile as she loosened her grip on his hand, “I’m perfectly capable of raising a child by myself.” It was a blatant lie. The prospect absolutely terrified her. She’d rather fight off an approaching army of cybermen or trek through the harshest desert in the universe with no supplies. But, as she reminded herself sternly, she was River Song and anything she set her mind to could be accomplished. Even this.

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((Tuppence’s enthusiasm for finding a good case is just beautiful. While I think Tommy balances out his wife’s optimism with bouts of negativity, he’s not here on the list. Albert would be 11 on here simply because of the accent he puts on. Seeing as the books don’t really discuss the children I wouldn’t put them on there and well, Hannibal’s a dog so I think we’ll stick with humanoids. ))

1. Morticia Addams (whole-armies-turn-and-run )
2. River Song (spoilers-of-river-song
7.Rory Williams (nooneunimportant)
9. Donna Noble (doublethemystery)
10. Tuppence Beresford (headmistresssonglunauniversity)